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Ruby on High Speed Rails

Some of the conventional procedures in Ruby on Rails are intolerably slow and bureaucratic. That is why I have pioneered a set of better procedures that I call Ruby on High Speed Rails. Ruby on High Speed Rails has the same basic selling points as the much-advertised Hertz #1 Club Gold program. Using the slow and bureaucratic Ruby on Rails procedures is like being a character in a Hertz commercial who rents a car from Not Exactly Hertz.

Debian Stable Vagrant Box with RVM

To get started, go to my Instead of spending grueling hours installing Ruby on Rails manually, you can have Ruby on Rails ready to roll within half an hour with minimal effort. If you think your Ruby on Rails installation is broken, or if you need a fresh Ruby on Rails installation for making sure you've covered all bases, you can return your development environment to its original state with one command and just a few minutes of waiting.

You can see and implement the process I use for creating this Debian Stable Vagrant box at


Streamline the process of creating a Ruby gem. When you use GenericGem to start your new gem, numerous details common to all or most of the gems you create will be automatically provided for you. You can even test your gem in just one step simply by running the script that is included in your new source code.


Streamline the process of creating a Rails project by using GenericApp. Instead of spending hours revisiting chapters 3 through 10 in, you can have the basic features common to most Rails projects ready to roll in a few minutes. These features include static pages, tests, automated Guard testing, Twitter bootstrap styling, databases, users, hashed passwords, account activations, and password resets.

Additionally, GenericApp includes features that you won't find in Rails Composer or Rails Bricks. You get Bash scripts that allow you to perform routine tasks in one simple step. Users are advised to use password management software to generate and store secure passwords. If you set up your project to use the PostgreSQL database in the development environment, the password and other parameters are AUTOMATICALLY set on your machine for you, and the file containing your database username and password is AUTOMATICALLY listed in the .gitignore file. You even get written outlines of the MVC structure of your Rails app.

Other Ruby on Rails projects

Ruby Gem Search

Are you having searching for gems using the search engine on the site? Come to the Ruby Gem Search web site, which offers a much better search engine.

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